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Work in Progress- Work in Progress-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

why are all the sogs under punk pop?

I just wrote another review just like this. You guys have talent but this is pop not punk. And im sorry but there is no such thing as pop punk damnit. To quote my own self saying "pop-punk" is like saying you saw an "elderly fetus". Way I see it is that a bunch of little "pop"ular possibly rich little spoiled brat kids wanted to think of themselves as edgy and "punk" but realized that their little virgin ears couldnt handle anything more brutal than a wind chime and invented a convoluted form of music aptly known as "pop-punk".

The Fallen- The Fallen-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

why are so many peoples view of "punk" this kinda?

granted this song is good, yall are talented, when i say shit i dont ean its a shitty song but this is pop not punk, and there is no such thing as "pop punk" because it is just pop. thats like saying theres such thing as "pop underground" or an "elderly fetus". Good song if you like this style but its not punk.

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